Ji-Hyun Lee, Professor


이기쁨([email protected])


You can check the KLMS from KAIST.


N25 #3237, x2919


Tuesday, Thursday 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

This course will introduce students to investigate the core concepts of HCI and the process of interaction design, which are identifying needs and establishing requirements, developing alternative design, building prototypes of the designs and evaluating what is being built throughout the process. Methodologies for accessing users’ needs and requirements and evaluating the alternative designs will be introduced as the basic tools of design practice. Students will be expected to be familiar with the essential contextual design methodologies and graphical representation skills using words, images, sound, and time to communicate efficiently through the course project.

  1. Dix A, JE Finlay, GD Abowd, R Beale (2003). Human-Computer Interaction (3rd ed). Prentice Hall.

  2. Sharp H, Preece J, Roger Y (2019). Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (5th ed). Wiley.

Students’ participation in the course will involve the following activities: attending and participating in lectures, reading the textbooks, doing the homework assignments and project.

The grade will break down as follows:
1 Project: 80% (15% + 15% + 15% + 15% + 20% each)
1 Mid-term Exam: 15%
Attendance + Individual Contribution to the Quality of the Course: 5%

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