Ji-Hyun Lee, Professor


이기쁨 ([email protected])


We can exchange opinions with each other through the KLMS for this semester.


N25 #3237, x2919


Tuesday, Thursday 2:30 - 4:00 pm

This course will examine the nature and principles of knowledge-based systems from performance and methodology perspectives. It will cover the basic elements of knowledge-based systems and discuss the factors that affect their design and construction. The goal of the course is to show you the capabilities of knowledge-based systems and to give you an appreciation for the source of the current enthusiasm, as well as the skepticism, about the potential for knowledge-based systems in various areas of engineering and design. This course will use the specific programming language JESS.

  • Data structures and programming course is required.
  1. 1. Gonzalez, A. and D. Dankel (1991). The Engineering of Knowledge-Based Systems: Theory and Practice. McGraw-Hill.
    2. Friedman-Hill, E. (2003). Jess in Action: Rule-Based Systems in Java. Greenwich: Manning Publications Co.

Students’ participation in the course will involve the folowings: attending and participating in lectures, reading the textbooks, doing the homework assignments and a project, and doing the presentation assignments.
The grade will break down as follows:

2 Homeworks: 30% (15% each)
1 Project (5 phases): 50%
1 Mid-term Exam: 20%

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